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Ward 1 Candidates

Candidates are listed top-down in order of responses recieved.

  • A green checkmark denotes a “Yes” response to said issue.
  • A red cross denotes a “No” response to said issue.
  • A grey question mark denotes a “No Comment” response to said issue.

Erin Caton

With careful planning and prioritization of current residents of Guelph, we can grow sustainably and achieve all the social goals and development goals we need to thrive.

Dhruv Shah

Michelle Bowman

We can achieve these goals by incorporating diverse ideas and building consensus but it will require compromises and making tough decisions now to achieve longer-term payoffs. For example, lack of investment in affordable housing and climate action costs more socially and economically – these are not easy problems to solve and the city cannot solve them alone. Polarizing the community on issues such as the downtown library and crisis intervention makes our goals even harder to reach. Centering the wellbeing of people and the environment will increasingly provide more time and budget for vibrant communities – connected services, art and nature.